Tips to Hosting Your Own Backyard Movie Event

Create your own backyard movie event.

Have you have ever seen a movie at a drive thru and experienced the movie, the night air and the atmosphere? Well if not, don’t worry, as you can experience this in your own backyard, by hosting a movie event for your friends and neighbors.

You enjoy a movie under stars, with the one you love, without ever leaving your garden. There are some tips for hosting the best ever, backyard movie event.

backyard movie

What type of backyard movie event?

Now is this a celebration for a special birthday, a wedding anniversary, or a graduation? Or are you just going out to build a bond with the neighbors? When you have decided on the type of event, you can then establish what to wear. Date night could be something smart, for example.

Equipment used.

You can either use your garage or house wall, or even hire an inflatable projector screen these can be purchased at Target and Walmart cheaply ( Now for the main kit, the best companies to contact are audio visual integrators, who hire hardware out. These guys will come and set the projector and sound system up, so you are ready to go when you press the play button. This takes the stress out of it and everyone can sit back, relax and enjoy the movie.

What kind of movie?

Well, I am sure this will depend on the type of event, and the movie will suit accordingly. If it is for a special birthday, let the birthday boy or girl pick the movie they want to see.

What food will be available?

Without food, it’s not a movie event! You may have a Jacobs Join, where everyone brings something off of a list, not duplicating any food for everyone to share. On the other hand, you may want it informal, so popcorn, burgers and hotdogs are the food of the event. Don’t forget plenty of soft drinks too, even at night the heat can still dehydrate you, don’t just drink beer or wine!

How are people going to sit?

This can be anything from a rug with a candle lit chandelier for a date night event, or you can use folding chairs with plenty of cushions and a blanket to pull round you and your loved one. You could ask neighbors to bring their own chairs or hire them, depending on how formal the event is.

Scene management.

Now the thing here is to put led rope lights on the ground, that highlights a pathway, or an area that is no go! You don’t want anyone falling in the pool in the dark! If you are troubled with insects, use insect repellent candles that can be put around the backyard and lit, the fumes tend to put insects off and they leave you alone.

Follow these simple tips and you will have excellent memories for years to come, with neighbors mentioning your backyard movie event.