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Retail marketing in the 21st Century

Retail digital signage – why?

Retail digital signage is a fast paced environment, with promotes on for specific products in store, during the season. Retail sectors have 4 seasons to market their products; this is why digital signage is ideal.

retail digital signage example

Changing promotions anytime.

With stock levels changing almost every hour, electronic signage can be used to update promotions on slow selling products or overstocks. A good example is one retailer who had an overstock of swimwear; they are in New York state, so the fall can be hard! Yet a sudden change and a hot spell of temperatures up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, using the electronic signage the retailer created a promotion for the overstock items and sold 37% of 791 bikinis in 4 days, increasing cash flow and reducing the storage fee for the overstocks.

This type of hardware can reduce stocking costs, allow retailers to turn stock round quickly and even increase sales of slow moving items. Making sure a return on investment is always in sight.

Different retail digital signage hardware.

They can be wall mounted, free standing, touch and non-touch screen. The options seem endless, especially when you look at the new interactive tables that have been recently introduced. Depending on your budget and application there is a solution for every business.

retail digital signage infographic

I hope the infographic gave you some ideas of what solutions are available for retail digital signage.