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Is It Worth Hiring Digital Signage?

Is hiring digital signage the solution

Hiring digital signage is certainly a cost efficient way of creating a fabulous advertising campaign, particularly if it is a temporary one. Many businesses find it is an affordable way of advertising their promotional material at a trade stand or event. Obviously this is a temporary solution, as there is no need for a permanent one due to the short length of time at the venue and of course what suits one business may not suit another, so having a short term hire is ideal.

digital signage hire

Looking at the other of out-right buying digital signage, is a bigger investment to take on. The screens are still flexible enough to set up on a temporary basis and remove again, but generally they are left in situ for longer periods of time. This can indoors or outdoor – depending on the advertising campaign, but they should also be enclosed in a protective housing unit for safety and weather protection. A permanent solution would mean the digital screens being fixed in position by security bolts and probably on a wall or ceiling bracket. Alternatively, a permanent floor standing kiosk would be positioned on a concrete plinth or set within a landscape, i.e. wooden decking.

Hiring digital signage over buying the hardware.

But for this article we are looking predominantly at is it worth hiring digital signage and there are other reasons for the temporary hire of electronic screens. Possibly this is the company’s first introduction of using newer technology in place of television or poster advertising, so rather than invest in purchasing the hardware, having a ‘taster’ would be advantageous. This means also that finding the right solution before committing allows for changes and alternatives. Deciding where to put a screen, having it in a landscape or portrait orientation and even what size of screen can be tried out for a few weeks or months first.

Having found a solution that fits your requirements, you may be offered a discounted price for actually keeping your hire unit. It saves the installers having to remove it, but also – you know it works.

hiring digital signage

But also, hiring digital signage means the screen and media player (or combined unit) can be upgraded without waiting for a long contract to end. Moving with technology is a must in this day and age of the fast pace of electronic gadgets. Think of a car; you buy one you like (or think you would like) and have the commitment of replacing it whenever you can afford it. However, if you entered into a hire contract, the car could be changed/upgraded/replaced every couple of years. OK, so we’re not buying not hiring cars, but it is a similar scenario…

As technology is evolving at such a rate, do you wait until you can finance the buying of a digital signage screen? Or do you take steps, via hiring digital signage, to get on the ladder. Once you have used an electronic menu board or screen to promote your business, trade or product, you will wonder why you didn’t do it earlier!

This article hopefully has been of interest to you and you know more about hiring digital signage.