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QSR digital signage – the restaurant ecosystem

Understanding QSR digital signage solutions.

When you visit any Quick Serve Restaurant, you are almost guaranteed to encounter QSR digital signage, this can be in the form of digital advertising kiosks, digital menu boards, drive through terminals and even hand held devices.

Industry analysts estimate the QSR ecosystem to be valued at US$3,507 million in the year 2012, this is set rise and rise fast from 2013 to 2019.

Digital signage hardware in a QSR is said to be responsible for 45% of the revenue, with kiosks leading the way, by providing a self-serve kiosk with an interactive display, to select the menu items and to pay. The kiosk sector alone is set to increase by 12.3% during 2013 and 2019.

QSR business model.

These restaurants are known for quick order taking, taking payment then providing the food fast. Some restaurants used the digital signage hardware as time warping (entertaining people while they wait) in busy times of the day as well as displaying electronic menus. Usually in the early business model for Quick Serve Restaurants the POS (Point of Sale) was the main device used, yet in the coming years the self-serve kiosk will replace the POS devices as more customers opt for self service. This enables customers to order at their speed, the management of the QSR can maintain workforce efficiency and this all results in a far more pleasurable customer experience.

QSR digital signage solutions – indoor.QSR digital signage

Indoor digital signage hardware used in a QSR can range from an interactive free standing kiosk, which can also be used as a self-serve kiosk, interactive tables so customers can order and play games while they wait for their food. To digital menu boards that can be located throughout the food outlet, so no matter where the queue is, you can see the food on the menu and know what you want before you get to the counter to order.

Normal sizes of display used are normally 42” these are widely available and are commercial grade displays including LG and Samsung screens, ensuring the hardware last far beyond the warranty period.

Outdoor QSR digital signage hardware.

outdoor QSR digital signage

Have you ever driven through a drive through? Well if not, you have missed out on one of life’s experiences. Yet the problem with a drive through that is being looked at, is that when you approach the drive through terminal, it is too close to the QSR operator who takes your order, so it can be rushed. Bearing this in mind, some QSR outlets are deploying outdoor QSR digital signage terminals in 2 locations along the drive through section, so you can check out the offers and make your decision without feeling rushed or wishing you had ordered something else.

You then give your order and pay at the window, drive to the next window and collect your food, but if it is a large order, you may have to wait in one of the food collection bays. Here digital signage can be activated using a motion sensor and display some content that is relevant to the food you ordered.

QSR’s are growing fast, so understanding the hardware used is important as we will come in contact with them, how I hope you found this article on QSR digital signage informative.