Sports bars using outdoor projectors for events.

Sports bars and outdoor projectors.

Sports bars have realized that they can use outdoor projectors to increase walk in business, this can have images and discounts projected onto the building wall or even promote an outdoor movie night, it’s a win-win situation.

This is why it is common for sports cars to have between 40 and 100 TVs plus projectors! Joe’s Bar in Chicago has 100 plus TVs with a large projector screen, investing in this technology definitely pays off; otherwise they would have not wasted their money on the installation.


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During the sports season, they are aimed at the football and baseball calendar, then the golf and motor sports. But there are days when there is little sport on the TV; this is when the bar can be transformed to provide a movie night under the stars using their projector outdoors, ProEnc reported.

Using outdoor projectors – movie night!outdoor projector used by sports bars

The sports bar manager sees the opportunity and offers a movie night, so couples can come and watch the movie outside under the stars. They can order food and drinks from the bar and have them whilst watching the movie.

So rather than having staff to pay with little customers, they tend to be packed out with asking staff to come in on their days off! These forward thinking, business owners are very entrepreneurial.

They already have the hardware and it only takes a few minutes to relocate the projector outdoors. Yet most of the bars owners want to protect the projector from the weather, just in case it rains. So they seek out protective and secure projector enclosures. These units provide a weatherproof solution for standard projectors outdoors.

On going outdoor projector advertising.

outdoor projectors

When the projector is outdoors in its protective environment box, the projector can be used for other services, so the sports bar can promote foam parties, play offs and the like. They can also offer special meal deals with buy one, get one free (BOGOF), the same can be done with drinks on slow nights of the week.

During peak times, when the sports bars are packed out, they can use the outdoor projectors to promote local businesses who supply the content to be displayed. The bar owner can charge anything from $100 to $300 per month for a 60 second advert. Now consider this, if the hardware can store and play 120 adverts over an evening (2 hours), imagine the extra revenue into the bar! $100 x 120 = $12,000 per month! If the bar owner sells ads for 10 months of the year, they get an extra $120,000 profit using the same hardware they have already! What if the bar owner had 3 bars in different locations? Imagine the extra revenue stream!

There’s nothing better than washing down a juicy steak with a cold one and watching your team win. By sharing your experience with a loved one on the movie night, you get the best of both worlds.

Check out your local sports bars and see if you can see them using outdoor projectors.