Projector Enclosure; Prevention is Better than Cure

Projector enclosure – fad or cure?

So, you’ve invested a large amount of the budget in a high spec. projector, but don’t forget to add a little extra money for a projector enclosure. By ‘saving’ money and not buying a projector enclosure, is a false economy.

How many projectors do you have to purchase before realizing you should have added an protective housing unit? Not only has the projector been stolen/water damaged or overheated due to a blocked motor, but the inconvenience is immeasurable against lost revenue and recouping the initial outlay.

Construction of a projector enclosure.

The projector enclosure is constructed from steel and welded to form a protective seal against dust or water ingress, which also adds the first of many, element of security. There are models readily available which are MDF (wood) or plastic, but to have a secure defender needs to be made from steel. The only panel which is not metal is the viewing window, which is made from a choice of plastics; acrylic or polycarbonate or even shatter-proof glass, depending on the requirement. There are several components which make up the complete projector enclosure – don’t skimp on the components. The locks should be the best quality – Cam locks or compression locks are not adequate enough. Any thief may attempt entry through an projector enclosure, to get to the expensive and highly desirable hardware, but one look at the solid structure is enough to put off the most hardened criminal. Grommets or cable glands allow for the projectors wiring to reach an external socket, but water is not permitted due to the close fit around the cables.

projector enclosure

Depending on the part of the country or room, the projector will be located in, then the necessity for a thermostatically controlled heater or cooler is absolute. The nature of the use may determine at what temperature the projector will be subject to; the optimum temperature being around 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (10 to 32 degrees Celsius), any different will cause the projector to malfunction, which may be irreversible.

Outdoor protection of projectors.

So, now you have decided to protect the projector, how will it be mounted? The plan was to hang the projector from the ceiling and display the image onto a wall opposite. Well this is no problem because the projector enclosure also can be ceiling mounted (check on the construction of the ceiling for the correct fixing bracket). The standard RAL color is black, to limit heat built up, however for a special project, any color can be requested.

Many business insurers, who include computer equipment ,as now asking for security and damage protectors, like the specific projector enclosure, before considering adding the computer hardware to the inventory. It may lessen the insurance premiums, avoid the hassle of making a claim, replacing the hardware and averting downtime. So you can see the objective of purchasing a projector enclosure; and why prevention is better than cure.