LCD Enclosures Go Interactive For 2015.

Touch screen LCD enclosures in demand for 2014.

One of the main manufacturers of outdoor LCD enclosures has shared with us, that they expect 2015 to be huge for interactive LCD enclosures, due to the large success of their sunlight bright interactive LCD enclosure.

Outdoor advertising is still growing.

LCD enclosuresIt seems that the cost of sunlight bight displays does not put serious investors off. These displays are the only solution for outdoor advertising when the sun is bright, even on the brightest day, the content on the screen can be seen clearly, this is due to the expert and clever technology within the displays. LCD Enclosure Solutions Inc. have developed a range of outdoor interactive digital signage housings that protect the displays from the weather and possible physical attack.

Their range covers all high bright displays including LG and Dynascan, from 32” to the gigantic 82” display.

What makes these LCD enclosures special?

Firstly the cooling system is so sophisticated, if the temperature inside the housing gets too much it will close down the hardware inside before any damage is done, then the warm or cold air is removed quickly with a high capacity air conditioning unit from within the housing and replaced with cooler or warmer air around the hardware, all this is done in milliseconds!

The second special part is that they have an app for that! So the hardware can be controlled from any smartphone, as long as you have an internet connection. Now you can add new content, run a report to show a client how frequent their ads are displayed per hour, along with the demographics who see the ads during this time.

The last but most significant factor, is that their outdoor advertising housing, comes with an interactive front panel, which connects to the high bright display enabling users to interact with the ad campaigns. This panel is weatherproof and is guaranteed for 5 years in extreme conditions. It really is just plug and play.

2014 saw digital signage interaction increase.

Initially this was indoors and then quickly spread outdoors, now LCD Enclosure Solutions Inc. are expecting a fabulous 2015, with many outdoor, protective LCD enclosure projects lined up.

Shopping malls saw more wayfinding, restaurants deployed more self-service kiosks and now sunlight bright displays go interactive.

One thing to look for is a professional company, which provides a high quality product with a long warranty, this ensures the return on investment is covered, the last thing you want is to find the housing out of warranty and a screen fails due to overheating.

You do not have to look far for a quality enclosure manufacture, check out LCD Enclosures Solutions Inc.