Interactive digital signage from malls to foyers.

Interactive digital signage.

Ever seen those interactive digital signage kiosks in shopping malls and airports? These touch screen displays are every place you look. Learn how you can use them in your business for successful marketing and corporate communication.

What separates interactive digital signage?

These interactive kiosks hook the prospect into providing more information to the advertiser than a standard non touch digital signage solution. These are used by companies who require more detailed information for future marketing campaigns and they use the information they gather for contacting the user later.

You can look at interactive digital signage as the information gather, were as the non-touch solution are the advertising medium delivery method. The 2 solutions are rather different, as the interactive solution has a touch screen depending on the use, so infrared touch screen panels are used for indoor use and SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) is used for outdoor use. SAW is more expensive than IR, however it can be used when the user is wearing a glove, this would be impossible with an infra-red touch screen.

Uses for interactive digital signage kiosks.

interactive digital signage

A good example is in a retail environment, a designer store could have an interactive digital signage kiosk on the sales floor, and customers can check stock availability, colours and sizes before going to the checkout and asking a sales assistant to get the dress or top from the stock room. Now if the item is not in stock, the customer can enter their mobile or cell phone number as well as email address and when the product is in stock, an email and text alert is sent to the customer for the designer’s product in their colour and size for them to try on.

Now this information can be used to promote sales or loyalty bonuses for quiet periods for the retail outlet.

In shopping malls the same technology is used to provide information on the retailer’s in the mall, so if you are looking for a specific brand, you can use the interactive kiosk and see the exact location where they are located in the mall. Some even have QR codes that can be scanned and any promotion or daily discount is applied to any purchase that day.

Corporate communication using touch screen displays.

These can be wall mounted in the foyer of a corporate office and will provide the companies details, their key achievements, their mission statement and it can be used to provide new clients with an in depth understanding of the business. Most clients would be interested in understand the full extent of the services and products a company has to offer. Using interactive digital signage hardware, this is easily achieved; it also separates them from their competition who are not investing in high tech solutions. This is a huge problem some corporate offices have experienced at their cost when clients have visited them prior to placing an order.

What is needed in terms of services for touch screen signage?

This high end solution has normally a built in media player/PC that connects to the internet for remote updates, some even have WIFI built in to the computer. So all that is needed to get a project like this under way is a power socket and a hard wired data connection in the local where the interactive hardware is being installed.

We hope you know a little more about touch screen units and will hopefully put the information on interactive digital signage to use.