Examples of London digital signage successes

London digital signage successes.

Been to England? You will have encountered London digital signage at its best, from when you first leave the airplane at either London Heathrow or Gatwick airports.

We will try and share some successes we encountered on a recent trip to London England. From the airport to the tube to the M and M store, there is a surprising number of digital signage success in London.

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Airports – London digital signage.

Both main airports in England that are near London are called Heathrow and Gatwick, this account for around 80% of all air traffic in England! Digital signage is used in the following areas; check in, departures, arrivals and duty free. Usually the screen in portrait as this is the best way to advertise, maximizing the footprint of the hardware. Sometimes the hardware is ceiling or wall mounted and sometimes floor standing, depending on the use.

When you enter the check in areas, digital signage is used here to inform travelers of any updated restrictions on what we can carry in our baggage, they also advise passengers of delayed flights, so they do not rush to the gate only to find it is delayed. Some of the best London digital signage can be seen in these airports.

In the arrivals area there are companies who specialize in last minute accommodation, just in case the new arrivals do not have any placed booked. These use electronic advertising hardware too.

Tube – in London.

tube digital signageIf you have ever been on the London tube (subway), you will have seen the escalator digital signage that advertises the shows at the London theaters. The ads seem to follow you as you travel up or down the escalator! Then when you are waiting for the subway train, projectors are used to promote London based designers and events to tourists on the wall of the subway.

When you enter the concourse you see digital signage hardware that is floor standing, these inform you of the departures at the train stations, delays and probably maintenance on the subway route.

Once you leave the subway and outdoors, head to Piccadilly Circus and look up, you will see a large curved outdoor led video wall, rather impressive. This is used to advertise major brands in the English capital. This is thought to be the best London digital signage solution.

Store digital signage London’s greatest success.

Like most major cities in the world, when you visit the stores for some retail therapy, you encounter digital signage. If you visit the M and M store you will see several LED indoor video walls, these show the different M and M characters! Trendy quick serve restaurants also promote their menus using digital menu boards.

Many of the clothing designers are invested in digital signage, even transparent advertising cases! But mainly for high end products, so the product is restricted.

When you are next in England, remember to check out the London digital signage solutions.