Electronic Menu Boards Lift Soda Sales by 8% in QSR’s

What can electronic menu boards do for your QSR?

electronic menu boardsDigital advertising has secured its place in fast food outlets, but how would you like an electronic menu board lift soda sales by 8% in your QSR?

Forward thinking business organizations are rolling out electronic menu boards as an expansion throughout individual franchises. According to one of the leading software providers, a case study proved the effectiveness of up-selling as fast food in a relatively low profit margin business. Although this particular case study had been using electronic, digital menu boards for some years, the investment and scrutiny in the technology had significantly increased the profit margins. It’s one thing having an electronic poster, but it’s quite another to make it work for you. Location of the screen and content are critical to a successful ad campaign.

Using electronic menu boards successfully.

QSR electronic menu boardsEven one screen per location, had a positive sales return, making the investment a worth while asset. The main images which bring in the add-on sales are promotional offers, with regular light-box menus featured either side. The thinking behind this option is that special offers are easier to change, alter or update, or in fact remove or replace, according to the time of the day or changing stock levels. The software can be automated and include scheduled time slots for particular meals. This saves time and money on staffing levels as most screens can be remotely accessed. One question which came up was ‘did the digital menu board impact or modify the behavior of consumers’. A solution to this was to test an item on the regular menu and record the results.

A greater profit-margin soft drink was introduced by increasing the frequency of advertising the targeted brand logo every 60 to 90 seconds (looped) and by analyzing the sales data of that period, an increase was recorded of around 2.5 percent for soft drinks. As an alternative test, the digital signage ran commercials, featuring this particular soft drink promotion continuously, so that every customer would be exposed to it, at some time of another, whilst in the restaurant. By adding dynamic imagery, it was noted that the consumers eyes were drawn to the electronic message. By the end of the test, those locations which had the most effective digital signage menu boards produced the best sales figures, of 8% and it was noted that no sales were forfeited in place of the soda.

Other factors such as the weather, particularly sunshine, were included in the results, which has lead to creating a commercial featuring sunshine; a feel good factor for everyone. A sales increase of 8%, on a high profit margin item significantly increases the overall sales figures – a good result. So has this example encouraged your enterprise to invest in QSR electronic menu boards?

If you have a Quick Serve Restaurant, you will understand the importance of communicating with customers, this you can do now using electronic menu boards.