Digital projectors for digital advertising – the new trend

Digital projectors for awesome ads.

A recent digital signage industry report shows that between 23 and 31% uses digital projectors to provide the digital advertising solution, but this is set to rise in the coming 12 to 18 months.

Digital signage using flat panel displays.

If you have recently been to a Target super store you will have seen masses of flat panel displays being suspended from the ceiling and at most airports you will saw an inexhaustible array of commercial grade electronic digital signage displays in many different forms.

Flat panel challenges.

The challenge with using digital signage is the price, as when the size goes over the size of 60” the price becomes very expensive unless you have deep pockets. This is when projectors come into their own, as they are more affordable, easier to install and the ambient light can be overcome with a projector rather than a display.

You can expect to pay in excess of $11K for a screen 70” in size, with the huge 152” displays being priced at $501K and weighing in at 301 lbs, imagine the support this display needs!

Advantages of digital projectors.

digital projectors in dealershipsNow if you had to install a screen that is 152” how are you going to support it? Now with a projector, you can install a screen or use a wall and mount the hardware from a ceiling pole, without serious metal work to support the hardware, less hassle or expense.

Flat panel screens for digital signage range from 400 to 750 candelas, yet the problem is if the image looks washed out or faded, little if any notice will be taken of the ads resulting in a negative effect for the ad campaign. The wide range of projection hardware that has a wide spectrum of brightness and a solution can be acquired to suit the ambient brightness of the location.

This allows for projection advertising to be deployed outdoors quickly and less expensive than a flat panel solution. If you take into consideration the costs of the displays, installation and protection from the theft and rainy weather with an outdoor housing, you can achieve the same result with a digital projector and an outdoor weatherproof housing from a leading manufacturer ( who make secure, yet weatherproof housing, that provides a maintenance free solution.

outdoor projectors in use

Locations that are using projection advertising outdoors.

Businesses that need to promote an event especially in the evening can use projection advertising, by advertising on a building what exactly they offer, such as drink deals or meal deals. Another solution is outdoor cinemas; with all these examples once the hardware is installed and configured correctly you do not want to move the hardware back indoors at the end of the business day and then putting the hardware back outside the following day.

With development of the hardware to include 4K and the future 16K, what the future holds for digital signage is yet to be seen.

Digital advertising can be a cost effective solution for larger images using digital projectors.