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Is It Worth Hiring Digital Signage?

Is hiring digital signage the solution

Hiring digital signage is certainly a cost efficient way of creating a fabulous advertising campaign, particularly if it is a temporary one. Many businesses find it is an affordable way of advertising their promotional material at a trade stand or event. Obviously this is a temporary solution, as there is no need for a permanent one due to the short length of time at the venue and of course what suits one business may not suit another, so having a short term hire is ideal.

digital signage hire

Looking at the other of out-right buying digital signage, is a bigger investment to take on. The screens are still flexible enough to set up on a temporary basis and remove again, but generally they are left in situ for longer periods of time. This can indoors or outdoor – depending on the advertising campaign, but they should also be enclosed in a protective housing unit for safety and weather protection. A permanent solution would mean the digital screens being fixed in position by security bolts and probably on a wall or ceiling bracket. Alternatively, a permanent floor standing kiosk would be positioned on a concrete plinth or set within a landscape, i.e. wooden decking.

Hiring digital signage over buying the hardware.

But for this article we are looking predominantly at is it worth hiring digital signage and there are other reasons for the temporary hire of electronic screens. Possibly this is the company’s first introduction of using newer technology in place of television or poster advertising, so rather than invest in purchasing the hardware, having a ‘taster’ would be advantageous. This means also that finding the right solution before committing allows for changes and alternatives. Deciding where to put a screen, having it in a landscape or portrait orientation and even what size of screen can be tried out for a few weeks or months first.

Having found a solution that fits your requirements, you may be offered a discounted price for actually keeping your hire unit. It saves the installers having to remove it, but also – you know it works.

hiring digital signage

But also, hiring digital signage means the screen and media player (or combined unit) can be upgraded without waiting for a long contract to end. Moving with technology is a must in this day and age of the fast pace of electronic gadgets. Think of a car; you buy one you like (or think you would like) and have the commitment of replacing it whenever you can afford it. However, if you entered into a hire contract, the car could be changed/upgraded/replaced every couple of years. OK, so we’re not buying not hiring cars, but it is a similar scenario…

As technology is evolving at such a rate, do you wait until you can finance the buying of a digital signage screen? Or do you take steps, via hiring digital signage, to get on the ladder. Once you have used an electronic menu board or screen to promote your business, trade or product, you will wonder why you didn’t do it earlier!

This article hopefully has been of interest to you and you know more about hiring digital signage.

Interactive digital signage from malls to foyers.

Interactive digital signage.

Ever seen those interactive digital signage kiosks in shopping malls and airports? These touch screen displays are every place you look. Learn how you can use them in your business for successful marketing and corporate communication.

What separates interactive digital signage?

These interactive kiosks hook the prospect into providing more information to the advertiser than a standard non touch digital signage solution. These are used by companies who require more detailed information for future marketing campaigns and they use the information they gather for contacting the user later.

You can look at interactive digital signage as the information gather, were as the non-touch solution are the advertising medium delivery method. The 2 solutions are rather different, as the interactive solution has a touch screen depending on the use, so infrared touch screen panels are used for indoor use and SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) is used for outdoor use. SAW is more expensive than IR, however it can be used when the user is wearing a glove, this would be impossible with an infra-red touch screen.

Uses for interactive digital signage kiosks.

interactive digital signage

A good example is in a retail environment, a designer store could have an interactive digital signage kiosk on the sales floor, and customers can check stock availability, colours and sizes before going to the checkout and asking a sales assistant to get the dress or top from the stock room. Now if the item is not in stock, the customer can enter their mobile or cell phone number as well as email address and when the product is in stock, an email and text alert is sent to the customer for the designer’s product in their colour and size for them to try on.

Now this information can be used to promote sales or loyalty bonuses for quiet periods for the retail outlet.

In shopping malls the same technology is used to provide information on the retailer’s in the mall, so if you are looking for a specific brand, you can use the interactive kiosk and see the exact location where they are located in the mall. Some even have QR codes that can be scanned and any promotion or daily discount is applied to any purchase that day.

Corporate communication using touch screen displays.

These can be wall mounted in the foyer of a corporate office and will provide the companies details, their key achievements, their mission statement and it can be used to provide new clients with an in depth understanding of the business. Most clients would be interested in understand the full extent of the services and products a company has to offer. Using interactive digital signage hardware, this is easily achieved; it also separates them from their competition who are not investing in high tech solutions. This is a huge problem some corporate offices have experienced at their cost when clients have visited them prior to placing an order.

What is needed in terms of services for touch screen signage?

This high end solution has normally a built in media player/PC that connects to the internet for remote updates, some even have WIFI built in to the computer. So all that is needed to get a project like this under way is a power socket and a hard wired data connection in the local where the interactive hardware is being installed.

We hope you know a little more about touch screen units and will hopefully put the information on interactive digital signage to use.

Imaginative Digital Signage for Children’s Health Care Facilities

Children’s Hospital Digital Signage Usage.

Hospitals are a place most people would avoid, so having a child in hospital is a daunting thought for any parent, or guardian. However providing a pleasing atmosphere will certainly help lift the spirits of patients and staff, providing a worthwhile initiative in the form of a spectacular interactive video wall for anyone to ‘play’ with.

It inspires, amazes and enthralls people and with little or no computer or art skills can provide hours of entertainment, whilst giving an educational element, reported DigitalSignageToday.

digital signage

Digital signage software.

Of course, this depends on the software package, but it’s the screens attributes which bring the hospital wall to life. From an underwater scene to a trip into space, and beyond….

Imagination knows no bounds. The digital signage video wall brings people together in an otherwise awkward situation where they may never have met. Much of the funding for a project can be raised by private donations, public awareness campaigns and government or big business investment.

It is designed as a stage set, in a very theatrical fashion and as it is interactive, there are no special skills required to partake in it. Every one has equal participation, and naturally it is without boundaries as far as race, creed, colour, ethic back ground and religion – or any other demographic.

One project, in particular, was launched at a Children’s facility in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, where a 50 foot wide screen by 9 foot high video wall was installed. This incorporated ‘gesture interaction technology’, allowing a large number of children (and adults too!) to interact with the software. In this case it was an on-screen landscape of flora and fauna. The tiled screen was brought to life in a riot of colour, text and graphics – something for everyone. The atmosphere, reported by staff, demonstrated how effective and positive the electronic screen had been – a well worthwhile investment.

It is seen as a diversion to the anxiety patients and their parents face, as even fairly common or regular medical routines are required. And then there are long term patients in care, where a break from the medical procedures is a welcome distraction. Feedback from the hospital’s management, staff of; doctors, nurses, therapists and child care specialists and of course children, has been very encouraging. Many of these professionals had a part to play in the development of the project, as they spend a lot of time with children they could suggest inclusions to offer therapies – occupational and physical, rehabilitation after operations, broken limbs and traumas. As the interactive video wall had gesture recognition, specific motions and movements could be incorporated as part of the designed program. It became enthralling play, masking the underlying objective of rehabilitation, wellness and reducing anxiety.

Technology knows no bounds – with high definition screens, sharp contrast and flawless imagery, even children; who are the worst critics, are expecting to see exceptional technology.

Hopefully this article gave you some insight into the use of digital signage in hospitals.

Retail marketing in the 21st Century

Retail digital signage – why?

Retail digital signage is a fast paced environment, with promotes on for specific products in store, during the season. Retail sectors have 4 seasons to market their products; this is why digital signage is ideal.

retail digital signage example

Changing promotions anytime.

With stock levels changing almost every hour, electronic signage can be used to update promotions on slow selling products or overstocks. A good example is one retailer who had an overstock of swimwear; they are in New York state, so the fall can be hard! Yet a sudden change and a hot spell of temperatures up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, using the electronic signage the retailer created a promotion for the overstock items and sold 37% of 791 bikinis in 4 days, increasing cash flow and reducing the storage fee for the overstocks.

This type of hardware can reduce stocking costs, allow retailers to turn stock round quickly and even increase sales of slow moving items. Making sure a return on investment is always in sight.

Different retail digital signage hardware.

They can be wall mounted, free standing, touch and non-touch screen. The options seem endless, especially when you look at the new interactive tables that have been recently introduced. Depending on your budget and application there is a solution for every business.

retail digital signage infographic

I hope the infographic gave you some ideas of what solutions are available for retail digital signage.

LCD Enclosures Go Interactive For 2015.

Touch screen LCD enclosures in demand for 2014.

One of the main manufacturers of outdoor LCD enclosures has shared with us, that they expect 2015 to be huge for interactive LCD enclosures, due to the large success of their sunlight bright interactive LCD enclosure.

Outdoor advertising is still growing.

LCD enclosuresIt seems that the cost of sunlight bight displays does not put serious investors off. These displays are the only solution for outdoor advertising when the sun is bright, even on the brightest day, the content on the screen can be seen clearly, this is due to the expert and clever technology within the displays. LCD Enclosure Solutions Inc. have developed a range of outdoor interactive digital signage housings that protect the displays from the weather and possible physical attack.

Their range covers all high bright displays including LG and Dynascan, from 32” to the gigantic 82” display.

What makes these LCD enclosures special?

Firstly the cooling system is so sophisticated, if the temperature inside the housing gets too much it will close down the hardware inside before any damage is done, then the warm or cold air is removed quickly with a high capacity air conditioning unit from within the housing and replaced with cooler or warmer air around the hardware, all this is done in milliseconds!

The second special part is that they have an app for that! So the hardware can be controlled from any smartphone, as long as you have an internet connection. Now you can add new content, run a report to show a client how frequent their ads are displayed per hour, along with the demographics who see the ads during this time.

The last but most significant factor, is that their outdoor advertising housing, comes with an interactive front panel, which connects to the high bright display enabling users to interact with the ad campaigns. This panel is weatherproof and is guaranteed for 5 years in extreme conditions. It really is just plug and play.

2014 saw digital signage interaction increase.

Initially this was indoors and then quickly spread outdoors, now LCD Enclosure Solutions Inc. are expecting a fabulous 2015, with many outdoor, protective LCD enclosure projects lined up.

Shopping malls saw more wayfinding, restaurants deployed more self-service kiosks and now sunlight bright displays go interactive.

One thing to look for is a professional company, which provides a high quality product with a long warranty, this ensures the return on investment is covered, the last thing you want is to find the housing out of warranty and a screen fails due to overheating.

You do not have to look far for a quality enclosure manufacture, check out LCD Enclosures Solutions Inc.

Examples of London digital signage successes

London digital signage successes.

Been to England? You will have encountered London digital signage at its best, from when you first leave the airplane at either London Heathrow or Gatwick airports.

We will try and share some successes we encountered on a recent trip to London England. From the airport to the tube to the M and M store, there is a surprising number of digital signage success in London.

london digital signage

Airports – London digital signage.

Both main airports in England that are near London are called Heathrow and Gatwick, this account for around 80% of all air traffic in England! Digital signage is used in the following areas; check in, departures, arrivals and duty free. Usually the screen in portrait as this is the best way to advertise, maximizing the footprint of the hardware. Sometimes the hardware is ceiling or wall mounted and sometimes floor standing, depending on the use.

When you enter the check in areas, digital signage is used here to inform travelers of any updated restrictions on what we can carry in our baggage, they also advise passengers of delayed flights, so they do not rush to the gate only to find it is delayed. Some of the best London digital signage can be seen in these airports.

In the arrivals area there are companies who specialize in last minute accommodation, just in case the new arrivals do not have any placed booked. These use electronic advertising hardware too.

Tube – in London.

tube digital signageIf you have ever been on the London tube (subway), you will have seen the escalator digital signage that advertises the shows at the London theaters. The ads seem to follow you as you travel up or down the escalator! Then when you are waiting for the subway train, projectors are used to promote London based designers and events to tourists on the wall of the subway.

When you enter the concourse you see digital signage hardware that is floor standing, these inform you of the departures at the train stations, delays and probably maintenance on the subway route.

Once you leave the subway and outdoors, head to Piccadilly Circus and look up, you will see a large curved outdoor led video wall, rather impressive. This is used to advertise major brands in the English capital. This is thought to be the best London digital signage solution.

Store digital signage London’s greatest success.

Like most major cities in the world, when you visit the stores for some retail therapy, you encounter digital signage. If you visit the M and M store you will see several LED indoor video walls, these show the different M and M characters! Trendy quick serve restaurants also promote their menus using digital menu boards.

Many of the clothing designers are invested in digital signage, even transparent advertising cases! But mainly for high end products, so the product is restricted.

When you are next in England, remember to check out the London digital signage solutions.

Unusual Uses Of Electronic Signage.

Digital Signage Applications.

Advertising is vital for any business to flourish, using digital signage does this in a dynamic, engaging way.

What is digital signage?

Also called dynamic advertising, digital signage uses different media formats to provide an entertaining advertisement. You will have seen screens in high footfall locations displaying numerous ads, these normally have a call to action, with the consumer having to do something, such as text a specific telephone number to receive a discount or to go on a pre-approved list for a high demand product.

digital signage

Who uses this form of advertising?

Well the most unusual uses of digital signage we have found are as follows; dental surgeries, casinos and even convenience stores attached to gas stations. So let’s look at these in more detail.

Dental surgery digital signage.

Uses to entertain younger clients, the dentist can have a mix of cartoons and adverts for in house dental products. These are usually more expensive if purchased at the dentist rather than at supermarkets such as Walmart or Target. Used to entertain as well as inform, in this environment they are used to also time warp. This is a method of providing entertainment so the client does not feel, they have been waiting for like, forever. This has been used for decades in theme parks when waiting for the rides.

Digital signage at casinos.

If you have ever been to a casino you will know they do not want you to leave to find something to do. This is why they have shopping malls, extensive restaurants, hair salons and even jewelers within the casinos. Once you are they, all they want is for you to spend, it does not matter if that is at the tables or in the hair salons.

Casino digital advertising is used to promote offers within the city like complex, maximizing on everything from specials at the restaurants to latest winners at the tables. These are all used to encourage you to spend money. The last thing the casino management want, is for you to leave the hotel. This is why the hotels splash out on coms (short for complimentary), mainly for high rollers and celebrities.

Convenience store digital signage.

When you have filed up your vehicle with gas, have you seen the ads on the gas pumps, gone into the convenience store a purchased what you saw on the display outside? This is the reason for gas pump advertising using gas pump digital signage. The items in the convenience store that are over stocks or close outs can be adverts on the displays at the pumps for say below ten bucks, tempting the motorist into the store once in the store, there are other items that compliment the loss leader. But if these have been purchased at close out the purchase price will be minimal.

Electronic signage is made up of a display that can be used in portrait and landscape, so not your regular TV set! This is connected to an advertisement player that stores the ads and plays them in rotation.

If you want to know more about this, just google the term digital signage.

Electronic Menu Boards Lift Soda Sales by 8% in QSR’s

What can electronic menu boards do for your QSR?

electronic menu boardsDigital advertising has secured its place in fast food outlets, but how would you like an electronic menu board lift soda sales by 8% in your QSR?

Forward thinking business organizations are rolling out electronic menu boards as an expansion throughout individual franchises. According to one of the leading software providers, a case study proved the effectiveness of up-selling as fast food in a relatively low profit margin business. Although this particular case study had been using electronic, digital menu boards for some years, the investment and scrutiny in the technology had significantly increased the profit margins. It’s one thing having an electronic poster, but it’s quite another to make it work for you. Location of the screen and content are critical to a successful ad campaign.

Using electronic menu boards successfully.

QSR electronic menu boardsEven one screen per location, had a positive sales return, making the investment a worth while asset. The main images which bring in the add-on sales are promotional offers, with regular light-box menus featured either side. The thinking behind this option is that special offers are easier to change, alter or update, or in fact remove or replace, according to the time of the day or changing stock levels. The software can be automated and include scheduled time slots for particular meals. This saves time and money on staffing levels as most screens can be remotely accessed. One question which came up was ‘did the digital menu board impact or modify the behavior of consumers’. A solution to this was to test an item on the regular menu and record the results.

A greater profit-margin soft drink was introduced by increasing the frequency of advertising the targeted brand logo every 60 to 90 seconds (looped) and by analyzing the sales data of that period, an increase was recorded of around 2.5 percent for soft drinks. As an alternative test, the digital signage ran commercials, featuring this particular soft drink promotion continuously, so that every customer would be exposed to it, at some time of another, whilst in the restaurant. By adding dynamic imagery, it was noted that the consumers eyes were drawn to the electronic message. By the end of the test, those locations which had the most effective digital signage menu boards produced the best sales figures, of 8% and it was noted that no sales were forfeited in place of the soda.

Other factors such as the weather, particularly sunshine, were included in the results, which has lead to creating a commercial featuring sunshine; a feel good factor for everyone. A sales increase of 8%, on a high profit margin item significantly increases the overall sales figures – a good result. So has this example encouraged your enterprise to invest in QSR electronic menu boards?

If you have a Quick Serve Restaurant, you will understand the importance of communicating with customers, this you can do now using electronic menu boards.

Restaurant Digital Signage Solutions From Digital Posters to Tablets

Hardware used in restaurant digital signage.

restaurant digital signageIt’s all about giving the customer an memorable and positive experience, which can be ‘served up’ using dynamic and empowering digital posters, ipads, tablets and mobile phones. Amongst many benefits, for both the consumer and the restaurant, is the increased order value for an average meal; which is greatest at the POS (point of sale), where tills display add-on items and upgrades – also known as up-selling and cross-selling. Digital signage POS can be controlled remotely and in real time, offering messages and promotions. Because of the ease of the hardware and software, any number of digital screens or devices can be automatically connected, which is particularly useful in a chain of stores. Being able to quickly and easily customize the quick serve restaurant, alters customers, and in turn increases revenue. Displaying a digital menu board adds ambiance and creates an appealing atmosphere including all the 5 senses.

It’s not as costly as you may think; because it reduces personnel costs, it cuts down on wages and is more dependable than some workers! Customers can order via self serve kiosks, using touch screen technology on digital menu boards. The increase in sales is due to the psychological state of mind – people may feel greedy asking to ‘Go large’ or adding an additional item, but because ordering via a screen is non-personal, there is less mental pressure.

QSR Restaurant digital signage solutions.

QSR restaurant digital signage hardware solutions

A QSR – quick serve restaurant is expected to be just that… a speedy, automated and accelerated ordering and delivery process, which appeals to customers, particularly if they are on a time schedule like a lunch break. These digital menu boards also alert purchasers to stock levels or promotions, where products may be selling out fast! But it’s not just quick serve restaurants use touch screens, upmarket dining eateries are embracing the tablet form of ordering for their customers. Traditional forms of presenting a menu in a folder are changing to offer the customer an electronic tablet device, with enticing images and content offering a daily fresh menu. This is so much easier for the restaurant to keep track of stock levels (there is nothing worse than ordering a steak, to find out 10 minutes later the chef has run out!); it offers the convenience and quick alternative customers should expect.

And of course… there’s an app for that! Having the ability to connect directly with the restaurant means special offers and deliciously tempting images are broadcast directly to your electronic device; cell phone or ipad.

So when ever you are having a mean in a restaurant, check out the restaurant digital signage hardware.

24 Hour Digital Signage

Digital Signage 24×7!

You can picture the night sky… the setting sun in a darkening sky; highlighted with a myriad of LCD or LED lights – welcome to the world of 24 hour digital signage. It is designed to attract customers throughout the day and night, as major towns and cities rely on 24 hour trade, DOOH (digital out of home) screens reflect this.

outdoor digital signage

Kiosks to touch screens – digital signage is all around…

Digital advertising kiosks and screens look amazing against a dark background as the bulbs give a vibrant display enticing customers to buy food, see a movie or purchase the latest trend in sports ware. The US has the greatest choice of locations for digital screens; by the side of a road, the entrance to a shopping mall or within a sporting complex – the rest of the world needs to catch up! Times Square in NYC is the epitome of night time digital advertising, as is Hong Kong too. The vibrancy of the colors causes such an electric atmosphere that it is hard to ignore, which of course is the intention. Sales, sales, sales – it increases revenue and brand awareness.

But it’s not just huge flat screens which capture the attention of passing trade, way-finding and interactive floor standing monitors as well as ceiling hung or wall mounted visual video displays have their place too. Bus shelters on the street can house interactive screens, enabling passengers to select a route or timetable, whilst being targeted by their demographics picked up by either facial analysis or just by the information requested from the touch screen pad. An advert for the latest sneaker is more beneficial to a younger passenger whereas an advert for medical insurance may influence a middle aged person. It’s all very clever, but it is pre-set and pre-destined content and all readily available for your business to take advantage of.

Projector advertising is becoming of of the most popular forms of displaying video information. It may be broadcasting a film in an outdoor theater, public information, which is part of a city’s emergency plan or a church publicizing the services. Again, as it is computer controlled, the content can be altered or updated in real-time, lessening any down-time or engineer site visits (cutting down costs too). One question often raised is the fact of how safe are these pieces of electronic kit? The screens are housed in a protective housing unit, known as an environmental enclosure or LCD enclosure, which has cooling and/or heating, a secure front door with clear viewing window and can have additional speakers; all depending on your requirements. So you can rest assured your investment is safe and secure against theft, vandalism and environmental damage, whilst it earns you money from the advertising revenue it is generating.

Electronic signage has grown in the past 5 years, new heights are to be seen, including day round digital signage.

Sports bars using outdoor projectors for events.

Sports bars and outdoor projectors.

Sports bars have realized that they can use outdoor projectors to increase walk in business, this can have images and discounts projected onto the building wall or even promote an outdoor movie night, it’s a win-win situation.

This is why it is common for sports cars to have between 40 and 100 TVs plus projectors! Joe’s Bar in Chicago has 100 plus TVs with a large projector screen, investing in this technology definitely pays off; otherwise they would have not wasted their money on the installation.


Learn how sports bars work.

During the sports season, they are aimed at the football and baseball calendar, then the golf and motor sports. But there are days when there is little sport on the TV; this is when the bar can be transformed to provide a movie night under the stars using their projector outdoors, ProEnc reported.

Using outdoor projectors – movie night!outdoor projector used by sports bars

The sports bar manager sees the opportunity and offers a movie night, so couples can come and watch the movie outside under the stars. They can order food and drinks from the bar and have them whilst watching the movie.

So rather than having staff to pay with little customers, they tend to be packed out with asking staff to come in on their days off! These forward thinking, business owners are very entrepreneurial.

They already have the hardware and it only takes a few minutes to relocate the projector outdoors. Yet most of the bars owners want to protect the projector from the weather, just in case it rains. So they seek out protective and secure projector enclosures. These units provide a weatherproof solution for standard projectors outdoors.

On going outdoor projector advertising.

outdoor projectors

When the projector is outdoors in its protective environment box, the projector can be used for other services, so the sports bar can promote foam parties, play offs and the like. They can also offer special meal deals with buy one, get one free (BOGOF), the same can be done with drinks on slow nights of the week.

During peak times, when the sports bars are packed out, they can use the outdoor projectors to promote local businesses who supply the content to be displayed. The bar owner can charge anything from $100 to $300 per month for a 60 second advert. Now consider this, if the hardware can store and play 120 adverts over an evening (2 hours), imagine the extra revenue into the bar! $100 x 120 = $12,000 per month! If the bar owner sells ads for 10 months of the year, they get an extra $120,000 profit using the same hardware they have already! What if the bar owner had 3 bars in different locations? Imagine the extra revenue stream!

There’s nothing better than washing down a juicy steak with a cold one and watching your team win. By sharing your experience with a loved one on the movie night, you get the best of both worlds.

Check out your local sports bars and see if you can see them using outdoor projectors.

QSR digital signage – the restaurant ecosystem

Understanding QSR digital signage solutions.

When you visit any Quick Serve Restaurant, you are almost guaranteed to encounter QSR digital signage, this can be in the form of digital advertising kiosks, digital menu boards, drive through terminals and even hand held devices.

Industry analysts estimate the QSR ecosystem to be valued at US$3,507 million in the year 2012, this is set rise and rise fast from 2013 to 2019.

Digital signage hardware in a QSR is said to be responsible for 45% of the revenue, with kiosks leading the way, by providing a self-serve kiosk with an interactive display, to select the menu items and to pay. The kiosk sector alone is set to increase by 12.3% during 2013 and 2019.

QSR business model.

These restaurants are known for quick order taking, taking payment then providing the food fast. Some restaurants used the digital signage hardware as time warping (entertaining people while they wait) in busy times of the day as well as displaying electronic menus. Usually in the early business model for Quick Serve Restaurants the POS (Point of Sale) was the main device used, yet in the coming years the self-serve kiosk will replace the POS devices as more customers opt for self service. This enables customers to order at their speed, the management of the QSR can maintain workforce efficiency and this all results in a far more pleasurable customer experience.

QSR digital signage solutions – indoor.QSR digital signage

Indoor digital signage hardware used in a QSR can range from an interactive free standing kiosk, which can also be used as a self-serve kiosk, interactive tables so customers can order and play games while they wait for their food. To digital menu boards that can be located throughout the food outlet, so no matter where the queue is, you can see the food on the menu and know what you want before you get to the counter to order.

Normal sizes of display used are normally 42” these are widely available and are commercial grade displays including LG and Samsung screens, ensuring the hardware last far beyond the warranty period.

Outdoor QSR digital signage hardware.

outdoor QSR digital signage

Have you ever driven through a drive through? Well if not, you have missed out on one of life’s experiences. Yet the problem with a drive through that is being looked at, is that when you approach the drive through terminal, it is too close to the QSR operator who takes your order, so it can be rushed. Bearing this in mind, some QSR outlets are deploying outdoor QSR digital signage terminals in 2 locations along the drive through section, so you can check out the offers and make your decision without feeling rushed or wishing you had ordered something else.

You then give your order and pay at the window, drive to the next window and collect your food, but if it is a large order, you may have to wait in one of the food collection bays. Here digital signage can be activated using a motion sensor and display some content that is relevant to the food you ordered.

QSR’s are growing fast, so understanding the hardware used is important as we will come in contact with them, how I hope you found this article on QSR digital signage informative.

Comparing Digital Signage with Traditional Poster Advertising

Digital Signage Vs. traditional Poster Ads.

Digital signage is all around us; whether we are aware of it or not! If you haven’t noticed a visual screen, then it is not doing it’s job of attracting potential customers. Deciding on the best location is as important as selecting the right digital signage package of hardware and software. Visually creative advertising screens aren’t just in obvious places like shopping malls, but also in government buildings, accountants and transit stations. Where ever there was a traditional poster billboard, then the likely hood of installing an electronic sign is a significant possibility.

Types of digital signage hardware.

There are many different formats of digital signage to choose from including:

  • Digital HD Advertising Display – simply plug and play
  • Touch Screen and Multi Touch – suitable for way-finding
  • Video walls or Multi Screen configurations – for large displays
  • Free Standing screens and kiosks
  • LED Signage
  • Projector advertising

Each screen has a myriad of benefits suitable for the application and most can be located or mounted to suit the environment. For example; digital high definition has a remarkable screen, which is still evolving and appeals to retailers, fast food courts and point of sales because of its easy use – literally ‘plug and play’. The creative and imaginative content is uploaded onto a USB and played directly through the screen. This suits a one-off site which is not linked or networked to other screens, although it is still an option.

Several other questions need to be asked:
Q Who is the advertisement aimed at?
A Select particular demographics to target brand awareness

Q Where will most potential customers see the advertisement?
A Decide where foot fall is most prevalent – position a screen at the entrance to the store

Q How effective can I expect an ad. campaign to be?
A This does depend on the content – engage the services of a professional advertising company, but you can be sure the screen will deliver an amazing and effective broadcast

digital signage

Just about anything on screen can be altered, amended or updated at the click of a button; from stock levels of size or color to selling out of a particular product, so as not to let a customer down and offer a quick alternative – or offering the option to order on-line whilst in the store; the options are infinite! People are expecting to see and use digital signage, so don’t be left behind. Advertising has come a long way since the traditional paper posters we once saw in shopping malls, on roadside billboards and restaurants. Right through from QSR to high end establishments are taking advantage of what digital signage advertising can do for their businesses.