Benefits of Corporate Communication with dynamic signage.

Improve corporate communications.

Have you ever noticed that your corporate communications are failing? Emails not being read? Flyers having no effect? Using dynamic signage will change the balance.

Is this your organization?

Management struggle to get the current corporate communications to the employees, the whiteboards are having no effect, in a successful business there is always something to report, without a structured way to deliver this message, employees and management are fighting a losing battle. (Wikipedia has a fantastic article here

What can dynamic signage do for corporate communications?

corporate communications with colleagueAll digital signage hardware has the ability to deliver information, instantly. Whiteboards, company notice boards and emails all get ignored, yet dynamic signage does not, it demands attention and people are keen to give it. Compare this to emails, it has been reported that the average employee received just over 300 emails per week, 1200 per month, just sitting there. These need to be addressed as well as the employee fulfilling their duties for the management. Eliminating having to respond puts digital signage to the forefront of corporate communication.

Ensure all essential staff and management are at the next meeting or corporate event, by broadcasting the message across the digital signage network around the facility. This is important when informing staff of a potential new client who is carrying out a vendor audit, so everyone knows what is going on within the company.

Dynamic signage can be used to portray a forward thinking company, who invests in new technology to deliver news and information to staff and visitors alike.

Manufacturing plants often forget or don’t fully understand.

Talk to any technical director of any manufacturing plant and they will be glad to talk production figures for each machine. But ask them how they deliver important health and safety updates, or how they are inform of critical production issues, such as a machine failure. They will invariably have no idea, if they are not using electronic noticeboards.

Return on investment is often referred to as a purchasing reason, yet there is more to it than the cheapest solution. Consider this, if you had employees who had to travel 2 hours to attend a health and safety course, for a total of 2 hours, their working day is almost over with little if any productivity from them. In fact, you have paid them to sit in a vehicle for 2 hours to the event and 2 hours back! What if you hosted the health and safety training online that was streamed through the digital signage hardware and the employees could attend the same course and get the same updates as if there were at the seminar in person? For a start, you would not be wasting 4 hours pay on traveling time.

Not only on production lines, corporate communications are a challenge in many organizations, with 40% of any shop floor working not having access to emails, the only sure way to communicate efficiently with them is by using dynamic signage, this will also increase workers moral and usually the business see an increase in productivity.

When looking at digital signage, consider the options and look at the bigger picture, this hardware does improve productivity through successful corporate communications.