Backyard LCD TV enclosure to sunlight readable display enclosures

TV enclosures to sunlight readable display enclosures increase in demand.

From backyard LCD TV enclosures to sunlight readable display enclosures, we have seen this industry grow in the past 5 year’s reports

It is reported that 21% of US homes have an outdoor TV, this can be near their hot tub or pool, so everyone can enjoy the TV in their back garden.

sunlight readable display enclosures

Family time in the backyard.

With more and more people choosing to spend quality time with family and friends, we are deploying outdoor TV’s in the form of a domestic flat panel TV in an outdoor LCD enclosure. These protective housings provide all the essential protection from the weather and potential theft. Most units on the market come with some type of thermal management, without this already thought out in the design of the housing, you would be better off finding someone who had already thought about it, otherwise you are putting your flat screen TV at risk of failure.

Without the correct protection, no matter if it is thermal management system or the locks for the door, you have to consider everything to safeguard your investment in your TV. You would not leave your garage unlocked with the keys in your car would you? Purchasing a flat panel TV enclosure can be as risky as that, selecting one that is low cost can be a false economy. So look for a solution that features high security locks, it is best to avoid cam, compression or barrel locks especially when you discover they can be opened with everyday items from a kid’s kindergarten pencil case

Also look at the hinges, this is another weak spot in designs, any solution with an exposed hinge is vulnerable, as most of these hinges can be drilled out with an electric drill, these are very quiet and you might not notice the screen being stolen. Look for units with concealed hinges, this means that the only the people with the key can open the access door.

Once you know your flat panel TV is safe and secure, you can then afford to kick back and chill out with family and friends.

Sunlight readable display enclosures.

These protective housings are specifically designed for sunlight readable displays, such as Dynascan. These high end displays are used in outdoor digital signage when the location is in bright sunlight at any part of the day.

This type of outdoor advertising medium has become popular with open shopping malls across the USA in the past 2 years. More and more are being deployed with even larger screens, up to and including 85″ displays! This proves that sunlight readable digital signage is here to stay.

The range of sunlight readable display enclosures are fitted with sophisticated cooling and heating systems, to provide the best environment for the expensive displays. The reason for this type of protection is the displays can run at around $15,000 for a 3000 nit display, so it can be seen in direct sunlight. These protective housings have to have high capacity cooling to ensure the heat build-up between the front of the display and the viewing window is removed quickly. There are several options, 1 uses an air curtain, using small fans to blow the hot air way from the viewing window, due to the depth of the enclosure being too shallow and potentially causing the screen to overheat and premature display failure. The other solutions offer high capacity cooling that pulls in cool air into the housing and when the internal temperature reaches a preset figure, the exhaust cooling system then kicks in and removes the air inside the sunlight readable display enclosures.

Many solutions are available for either backyard TV housings or sunlight readable display enclosures, so check them out.