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Restaurant Digital Signage Solutions From Digital Posters to Tablets

Hardware used in restaurant digital signage.

restaurant digital signageIt’s all about giving the customer an memorable and positive experience, which can be ‘served up’ using dynamic and empowering digital posters, ipads, tablets and mobile phones. Amongst many benefits, for both the consumer and the restaurant, is the increased order value for an average meal; which is greatest at the POS (point of sale), where tills display add-on items and upgrades – also known as up-selling and cross-selling. Digital signage POS can be controlled remotely and in real time, offering messages and promotions. Because of the ease of the hardware and software, any number of digital screens or devices can be automatically connected, which is particularly useful in a chain of stores. Being able to quickly and easily customize the quick serve restaurant, alters customers, and in turn increases revenue. Displaying a digital menu board adds ambiance and creates an appealing atmosphere including all the 5 senses.

It’s not as costly as you may think; because it reduces personnel costs, it cuts down on wages and is more dependable than some workers! Customers can order via self serve kiosks, using touch screen technology on digital menu boards. The increase in sales is due to the psychological state of mind – people may feel greedy asking to ‘Go large’ or adding an additional item, but because ordering via a screen is non-personal, there is less mental pressure.

QSR Restaurant digital signage solutions.

QSR restaurant digital signage hardware solutions

A QSR – quick serve restaurant is expected to be just that… a speedy, automated and accelerated ordering and delivery process, which appeals to customers, particularly if they are on a time schedule like a lunch break. These digital menu boards also alert purchasers to stock levels or promotions, where products may be selling out fast! But it’s not just quick serve restaurants use touch screens, upmarket dining eateries are embracing the tablet form of ordering for their customers. Traditional forms of presenting a menu in a folder are changing to offer the customer an electronic tablet device, with enticing images and content offering a daily fresh menu. This is so much easier for the restaurant to keep track of stock levels (there is nothing worse than ordering a steak, to find out 10 minutes later the chef has run out!); it offers the convenience and quick alternative customers should expect.

And of course… there’s an app for that! Having the ability to connect directly with the restaurant means special offers and deliciously tempting images are broadcast directly to your electronic device; cell phone or ipad.

So when ever you are having a mean in a restaurant, check out the restaurant digital signage hardware.