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Digital projectors for digital advertising – the new trend

Digital projectors for awesome ads.

A recent digital signage industry report shows that between 23 and 31% uses digital projectors to provide the digital advertising solution, but this is set to rise in the coming 12 to 18 months.

Digital signage using flat panel displays.

If you have recently been to a Target super store you will have seen masses of flat panel displays being suspended from the ceiling and at most airports you will saw an inexhaustible array of commercial grade electronic digital signage displays in many different forms.

Flat panel challenges.

The challenge with using digital signage is the price, as when the size goes over the size of 60” the price becomes very expensive unless you have deep pockets. This is when projectors come into their own, as they are more affordable, easier to install and the ambient light can be overcome with a projector rather than a display.

You can expect to pay in excess of $11K for a screen 70” in size, with the huge 152” displays being priced at $501K and weighing in at 301 lbs, imagine the support this display needs!

Advantages of digital projectors.

digital projectors in dealershipsNow if you had to install a screen that is 152” how are you going to support it? Now with a projector, you can install a screen or use a wall and mount the hardware from a ceiling pole, without serious metal work to support the hardware, less hassle or expense.

Flat panel screens for digital signage range from 400 to 750 candelas, yet the problem is if the image looks washed out or faded, little if any notice will be taken of the ads resulting in a negative effect for the ad campaign. The wide range of projection hardware that has a wide spectrum of brightness and a solution can be acquired to suit the ambient brightness of the location.

This allows for projection advertising to be deployed outdoors quickly and less expensive than a flat panel solution. If you take into consideration the costs of the displays, installation and protection from the theft and rainy weather with an outdoor housing, you can achieve the same result with a digital projector and an outdoor weatherproof housing from a leading manufacturer ( who make secure, yet weatherproof housing, that provides a maintenance free solution.

outdoor projectors in use

Locations that are using projection advertising outdoors.

Businesses that need to promote an event especially in the evening can use projection advertising, by advertising on a building what exactly they offer, such as drink deals or meal deals. Another solution is outdoor cinemas; with all these examples once the hardware is installed and configured correctly you do not want to move the hardware back indoors at the end of the business day and then putting the hardware back outside the following day.

With development of the hardware to include 4K and the future 16K, what the future holds for digital signage is yet to be seen.

Digital advertising can be a cost effective solution for larger images using digital projectors.

Retail marketing in the 21st Century

Retail digital signage – why?

Retail digital signage is a fast paced environment, with promotes on for specific products in store, during the season. Retail sectors have 4 seasons to market their products; this is why digital signage is ideal.

retail digital signage example

Changing promotions anytime.

With stock levels changing almost every hour, electronic signage can be used to update promotions on slow selling products or overstocks. A good example is one retailer who had an overstock of swimwear; they are in New York state, so the fall can be hard! Yet a sudden change and a hot spell of temperatures up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, using the electronic signage the retailer created a promotion for the overstock items and sold 37% of 791 bikinis in 4 days, increasing cash flow and reducing the storage fee for the overstocks.

This type of hardware can reduce stocking costs, allow retailers to turn stock round quickly and even increase sales of slow moving items. Making sure a return on investment is always in sight.

Different retail digital signage hardware.

They can be wall mounted, free standing, touch and non-touch screen. The options seem endless, especially when you look at the new interactive tables that have been recently introduced. Depending on your budget and application there is a solution for every business.

retail digital signage infographic

I hope the infographic gave you some ideas of what solutions are available for retail digital signage.

Digital signage used for increasing revenue.

Digital signage lift sales.

Digital signage hardware is a rather innovative method of advertising and a simple way to lift sales and create multiple streaks of income, as reported on Wikipedia.

Lifting sales with digital signage.

digital signage exampleUsed by many businesses to lift sales the hardware is so simple to use, multiple ads can be
created and run in a loop on the electronic advertising hardware displaying engaging adverts. Now this is perfect for businesses that have over stock items.

The reason digital signage is a success in this industry is that the ads can be changed quickly to market for a newly announced event. For example it could be mid February and the store has an overstock of quick de ice and there is a weather warning in your state, all you do is include an ad for quick de ice and have the ticker display the weather feed warning of the imminent snow warning and watch the stock fly out the door!

Digital signage for multiple streams of income.

The hardware is so flexible it can be used for a wide variety of uses, as well as displaying
advertisements for your business, you can also display ads for non competing companies,
charging them a monthly fee based on a 12 month contract.

A good example is in a shopping mall, they can use the electronic signage during normally opening hours, then when the stores are closed, the digital signage hardware could be used to market local taxi companies, shows, events. This could be as simple as displaying a QR in the advert and when the user scans this with their smartphone that are taken to a web page with a discount. So then it can also be tracked based on the amount of codes are redeemed.

So let us look at the digital signage hardware used, it is not costly, rather it is very affordable. A typical 42″ wall mounted solution run at $1399 and includes everything you need right out the box, all you need is the content for your own ads.

Mount the display on the wall then add the content, make sure the display is in a high footfall area, to maximize the results. Then you can contact the local businesses owners asking them if they want to advertise on the electronic signs. Selling the ads at $150 per month, per business per business type, you can easily have 30 advertisers who will have their ads shown either out of hours when the main stores are closed but the eateries are open, or the cinema is open.

To look at the income stream you have 30 advertisers at $150 each, this equals $4500 per month now multiple this by 12 months for the contract duration and the total for the year is $54,000. Isn’t this a smart return on the initial investment of $1399?

These digital things can also be networked, so if you decided to add more, showing specific ads relevant to the location in they shopping mall you can easily control the ads, by using a network connection.

As you can see, this type of marketing is rather flexible, yet affordable. Just thing what digital signage could do for you?

LCD Enclosures Go Interactive For 2015.

Touch screen LCD enclosures in demand for 2014.

One of the main manufacturers of outdoor LCD enclosures has shared with us, that they expect 2015 to be huge for interactive LCD enclosures, due to the large success of their sunlight bright interactive LCD enclosure.

Outdoor advertising is still growing.

LCD enclosuresIt seems that the cost of sunlight bight displays does not put serious investors off. These displays are the only solution for outdoor advertising when the sun is bright, even on the brightest day, the content on the screen can be seen clearly, this is due to the expert and clever technology within the displays. LCD Enclosure Solutions Inc. have developed a range of outdoor interactive digital signage housings that protect the displays from the weather and possible physical attack.

Their range covers all high bright displays including LG and Dynascan, from 32” to the gigantic 82” display.

What makes these LCD enclosures special?

Firstly the cooling system is so sophisticated, if the temperature inside the housing gets too much it will close down the hardware inside before any damage is done, then the warm or cold air is removed quickly with a high capacity air conditioning unit from within the housing and replaced with cooler or warmer air around the hardware, all this is done in milliseconds!

The second special part is that they have an app for that! So the hardware can be controlled from any smartphone, as long as you have an internet connection. Now you can add new content, run a report to show a client how frequent their ads are displayed per hour, along with the demographics who see the ads during this time.

The last but most significant factor, is that their outdoor advertising housing, comes with an interactive front panel, which connects to the high bright display enabling users to interact with the ad campaigns. This panel is weatherproof and is guaranteed for 5 years in extreme conditions. It really is just plug and play.

2014 saw digital signage interaction increase.

Initially this was indoors and then quickly spread outdoors, now LCD Enclosure Solutions Inc. are expecting a fabulous 2015, with many outdoor, protective LCD enclosure projects lined up.

Shopping malls saw more wayfinding, restaurants deployed more self-service kiosks and now sunlight bright displays go interactive.

One thing to look for is a professional company, which provides a high quality product with a long warranty, this ensures the return on investment is covered, the last thing you want is to find the housing out of warranty and a screen fails due to overheating.

You do not have to look far for a quality enclosure manufacture, check out LCD Enclosures Solutions Inc.

Examples of London digital signage successes

London digital signage successes.

Been to England? You will have encountered London digital signage at its best, from when you first leave the airplane at either London Heathrow or Gatwick airports.

We will try and share some successes we encountered on a recent trip to London England. From the airport to the tube to the M and M store, there is a surprising number of digital signage success in London.

london digital signage

Airports – London digital signage.

Both main airports in England that are near London are called Heathrow and Gatwick, this account for around 80% of all air traffic in England! Digital signage is used in the following areas; check in, departures, arrivals and duty free. Usually the screen in portrait as this is the best way to advertise, maximizing the footprint of the hardware. Sometimes the hardware is ceiling or wall mounted and sometimes floor standing, depending on the use.

When you enter the check in areas, digital signage is used here to inform travelers of any updated restrictions on what we can carry in our baggage, they also advise passengers of delayed flights, so they do not rush to the gate only to find it is delayed. Some of the best London digital signage can be seen in these airports.

In the arrivals area there are companies who specialize in last minute accommodation, just in case the new arrivals do not have any placed booked. These use electronic advertising hardware too.

Tube – in London.

tube digital signageIf you have ever been on the London tube (subway), you will have seen the escalator digital signage that advertises the shows at the London theaters. The ads seem to follow you as you travel up or down the escalator! Then when you are waiting for the subway train, projectors are used to promote London based designers and events to tourists on the wall of the subway.

When you enter the concourse you see digital signage hardware that is floor standing, these inform you of the departures at the train stations, delays and probably maintenance on the subway route.

Once you leave the subway and outdoors, head to Piccadilly Circus and look up, you will see a large curved outdoor led video wall, rather impressive. This is used to advertise major brands in the English capital. This is thought to be the best London digital signage solution.

Store digital signage London’s greatest success.

Like most major cities in the world, when you visit the stores for some retail therapy, you encounter digital signage. If you visit the M and M store you will see several LED indoor video walls, these show the different M and M characters! Trendy quick serve restaurants also promote their menus using digital menu boards.

Many of the clothing designers are invested in digital signage, even transparent advertising cases! But mainly for high end products, so the product is restricted.

When you are next in England, remember to check out the London digital signage solutions.

Unusual Uses Of Electronic Signage.

Digital Signage Applications.

Advertising is vital for any business to flourish, using digital signage does this in a dynamic, engaging way.

What is digital signage?

Also called dynamic advertising, digital signage uses different media formats to provide an entertaining advertisement. You will have seen screens in high footfall locations displaying numerous ads, these normally have a call to action, with the consumer having to do something, such as text a specific telephone number to receive a discount or to go on a pre-approved list for a high demand product.

digital signage

Who uses this form of advertising?

Well the most unusual uses of digital signage we have found are as follows; dental surgeries, casinos and even convenience stores attached to gas stations. So let’s look at these in more detail.

Dental surgery digital signage.

Uses to entertain younger clients, the dentist can have a mix of cartoons and adverts for in house dental products. These are usually more expensive if purchased at the dentist rather than at supermarkets such as Walmart or Target. Used to entertain as well as inform, in this environment they are used to also time warp. This is a method of providing entertainment so the client does not feel, they have been waiting for like, forever. This has been used for decades in theme parks when waiting for the rides.

Digital signage at casinos.

If you have ever been to a casino you will know they do not want you to leave to find something to do. This is why they have shopping malls, extensive restaurants, hair salons and even jewelers within the casinos. Once you are they, all they want is for you to spend, it does not matter if that is at the tables or in the hair salons.

Casino digital advertising is used to promote offers within the city like complex, maximizing on everything from specials at the restaurants to latest winners at the tables. These are all used to encourage you to spend money. The last thing the casino management want, is for you to leave the hotel. This is why the hotels splash out on coms (short for complimentary), mainly for high rollers and celebrities.

Convenience store digital signage.

When you have filed up your vehicle with gas, have you seen the ads on the gas pumps, gone into the convenience store a purchased what you saw on the display outside? This is the reason for gas pump advertising using gas pump digital signage. The items in the convenience store that are over stocks or close outs can be adverts on the displays at the pumps for say below ten bucks, tempting the motorist into the store once in the store, there are other items that compliment the loss leader. But if these have been purchased at close out the purchase price will be minimal.

Electronic signage is made up of a display that can be used in portrait and landscape, so not your regular TV set! This is connected to an advertisement player that stores the ads and plays them in rotation.

If you want to know more about this, just google the term digital signage.

Digital Signage Funding Options – Rental, Lease or Purchase

Business funding options – digital signage rental, lease or purchase?

So, now the project has been agreed for a new advertising campaign, the next stage is to consider the digital signage funding options; will it be digital signage rental, lease or purchase? For the everyday business, it is usually a matter of the most cost effective proposal, reports Digital Signage Systems Limited (, but there are other points to take into account:

  • How permanent will the sign be?
  • From which budget will the funding come from?
  • Where is the best location for the screen?
  • How much money will the campaign generate – prediction forecast
  • Can the digital signage be relocatable?
  • Any upfront costs?
  • Operational costs?
  • Installation costs?

digital signage rental

Digital signage funding depends on many factors, but it all comes down to costs.

Let’s look at digital signage rental.

Renting a digital sign is suitable for short term display, i.e. trade show, temporary exhibition or the current trend of a ‘pop-up’ store/restaurant. As the screen is being rented from the supplier, very little needs preparing, it would normally be supplied as a ready to go or ‘plug and play’ option. Depending on the locating will depend on how the electronic display is hung or its positioning. A floor standing plinth is usually included in the digital signage rental solution, as is additional power supply and cables. By renting a unit, there will be little return on the rental costs, as the time scale is usually for just a short period, like an expo, or demonstration. Don’t forget to budget for other ‘extras’ like shipping or delivery, installation (if you want someone else to have the responsibility of setting it up) and the content – mainly via a USB for the temporary solution.

Comparison between leasing and rental of digital signage hardware.

Then comparing digital signage rental v leasing; both mean the business does not own the digital signage outright, but only for the set time period. Leasing implies deploying the goods for a longer time; months or years. One advantage of this is that, apart from an insurance policy against accident or damage, there are no additional costs or large upfront sum. The financial arrangement for leasing is broken down over several months, so a regular amount is collected from the leaser. The supplier take responsibility for the continual working, engineer costs and replacement of failed parts, however these display monitors are very reliable, so downtime is minimal. Another option for leasing is having upgraded replacement units as part of the contract. This keeps the digital signage looking state-of-the-art and a distinguished vehicle from which to display your advertisement campaign.

floor standing digital signage hire

For every day businesses, purchasing is an economical option, particularly if the screen is to be used on a regular basis and in a permanent location. Once the upfront costs of purchasing the screen and installation are completed and paid for, it is just a matter of running the electronic display for the optimum performance and calculating the revenue it has generated through sales, which in turn can lead to purchasing more screens. Off setting the cost of outright buying can be a tax advantage – check individual USA states, as energy efficient technology is looked upon favorably. The down side is the evolution of technology means that fairly quickly, the hardware will be superseded by a better application – do you carry on replacing and investing, however the screens are an asset to the business.

Tax advantages – making your money work harder!

In some situations, digital signage rental or leasing can be more cost effective than an outright purchase, the point is the hardware is not owned by the business and the ongoing lower digital signage rental/leasing costs can be off set against profits, reducing taxation costs, but you better check that out with your tax adviser.

So all things considered, which digital signage funding option is right for you? Is it leasing of the hardware, outright purchase or digital signage rental?

Electronic Menu Boards Lift Soda Sales by 8% in QSR’s

What can electronic menu boards do for your QSR?

electronic menu boardsDigital advertising has secured its place in fast food outlets, but how would you like an electronic menu board lift soda sales by 8% in your QSR?

Forward thinking business organizations are rolling out electronic menu boards as an expansion throughout individual franchises. According to one of the leading software providers, a case study proved the effectiveness of up-selling as fast food in a relatively low profit margin business. Although this particular case study had been using electronic, digital menu boards for some years, the investment and scrutiny in the technology had significantly increased the profit margins. It’s one thing having an electronic poster, but it’s quite another to make it work for you. Location of the screen and content are critical to a successful ad campaign.

Using electronic menu boards successfully.

QSR electronic menu boardsEven one screen per location, had a positive sales return, making the investment a worth while asset. The main images which bring in the add-on sales are promotional offers, with regular light-box menus featured either side. The thinking behind this option is that special offers are easier to change, alter or update, or in fact remove or replace, according to the time of the day or changing stock levels. The software can be automated and include scheduled time slots for particular meals. This saves time and money on staffing levels as most screens can be remotely accessed. One question which came up was ‘did the digital menu board impact or modify the behavior of consumers’. A solution to this was to test an item on the regular menu and record the results.

A greater profit-margin soft drink was introduced by increasing the frequency of advertising the targeted brand logo every 60 to 90 seconds (looped) and by analyzing the sales data of that period, an increase was recorded of around 2.5 percent for soft drinks. As an alternative test, the digital signage ran commercials, featuring this particular soft drink promotion continuously, so that every customer would be exposed to it, at some time of another, whilst in the restaurant. By adding dynamic imagery, it was noted that the consumers eyes were drawn to the electronic message. By the end of the test, those locations which had the most effective digital signage menu boards produced the best sales figures, of 8% and it was noted that no sales were forfeited in place of the soda.

Other factors such as the weather, particularly sunshine, were included in the results, which has lead to creating a commercial featuring sunshine; a feel good factor for everyone. A sales increase of 8%, on a high profit margin item significantly increases the overall sales figures – a good result. So has this example encouraged your enterprise to invest in QSR electronic menu boards?

If you have a Quick Serve Restaurant, you will understand the importance of communicating with customers, this you can do now using electronic menu boards.

Anti ligature TV enclosure for patient safety.

Anti ligature TV enclosure uses.

Behavioral health units are a sector that are adapting anti ligature TV enclosures as part of their standard structure, to prevent patient self-harm and at the same time reducing attacks on fellow patients and medical staff.

Our duty of care.

Patient safety in these units is foremost, we have to attend to their delicate state of mind and keep them in a calm state. This is why when one of these units is being designed, everything in the patients rooms are designed with anti-ligature in mind, from the door hinges, door handles, beds and even televisions, hence the look at the anti ligature TV enclosure.

Imagine the ramifications if someone self-harmed on a part of the mental health unit that did not comply with the anti-ligature rules set out in the patient care guidelines?

TV protection using an anti ligature TV enclosure.

anti ligature TV enclosureThese protective solutions are used so people who are unstable cannot access any point on the TV and use it as an anchor to loop material around the TV and attempt to hang themselves. This is why DOOH USA are the only company to offer an anti ligature TV enclosure that has sloping sides on all 4 sides, eliminating anyone looping material around the housing in an attempt to harm themselves. The material just slides off the sides, this patent pending design are unique only to DOOH USA.

Other units on the market only have the sloped on the top and bottom, yet material can still be looped around the housing and patients can harm themselves on these other units.
Another issue is sound, as this can be a major disruption to fellow patients, one patient may like to the TV loud, others may like it quiet, so the easiest way around this is that the nursing staff can control the volume of the televisions using a remote control, due to the unique technology within the anti ligature TV enclosure.

anti ligature TV enclosure compared against competition

Consequences of not protecting patients and staff.

Now imagine for a moment, that a patient does harm themselves, because they can loop material around the TV, who is responsible? Not only legally, but morally, could you live with yourself for the rest of your life, knowing your actions assisted someone to die?
Another scenario is if a patient smashed the viewing window of the housing, and uses the broken the window to attack fellow patients and medical staff. Again, could you live with yourself?

The above seem extremes, yet this has happened!

Last point to ponder.

Consider the depth of the housing, if the screen is too near the viewing window and a heavy object is thrown at the television, the screen’s flex can damage the surface of the TV set and cause the TV to fail, and you need to have a minimum of 2” gap between the window and the TV set. Not just for patient protection, these protective housings also safeguard the hardware from damage.

Hopefully, this article has been useful for anyone considering using an anti ligature TV enclosure in their facility.

Benefits of Corporate Communication with dynamic signage.

Improve corporate communications.

Have you ever noticed that your corporate communications are failing? Emails not being read? Flyers having no effect? Using dynamic signage will change the balance.

Is this your organization?

Management struggle to get the current corporate communications to the employees, the whiteboards are having no effect, in a successful business there is always something to report, without a structured way to deliver this message, employees and management are fighting a losing battle. (Wikipedia has a fantastic article here

What can dynamic signage do for corporate communications?

corporate communications with colleagueAll digital signage hardware has the ability to deliver information, instantly. Whiteboards, company notice boards and emails all get ignored, yet dynamic signage does not, it demands attention and people are keen to give it. Compare this to emails, it has been reported that the average employee received just over 300 emails per week, 1200 per month, just sitting there. These need to be addressed as well as the employee fulfilling their duties for the management. Eliminating having to respond puts digital signage to the forefront of corporate communication.

Ensure all essential staff and management are at the next meeting or corporate event, by broadcasting the message across the digital signage network around the facility. This is important when informing staff of a potential new client who is carrying out a vendor audit, so everyone knows what is going on within the company.

Dynamic signage can be used to portray a forward thinking company, who invests in new technology to deliver news and information to staff and visitors alike.

Manufacturing plants often forget or don’t fully understand.

Talk to any technical director of any manufacturing plant and they will be glad to talk production figures for each machine. But ask them how they deliver important health and safety updates, or how they are inform of critical production issues, such as a machine failure. They will invariably have no idea, if they are not using electronic noticeboards.

Return on investment is often referred to as a purchasing reason, yet there is more to it than the cheapest solution. Consider this, if you had employees who had to travel 2 hours to attend a health and safety course, for a total of 2 hours, their working day is almost over with little if any productivity from them. In fact, you have paid them to sit in a vehicle for 2 hours to the event and 2 hours back! What if you hosted the health and safety training online that was streamed through the digital signage hardware and the employees could attend the same course and get the same updates as if there were at the seminar in person? For a start, you would not be wasting 4 hours pay on traveling time.

Not only on production lines, corporate communications are a challenge in many organizations, with 40% of any shop floor working not having access to emails, the only sure way to communicate efficiently with them is by using dynamic signage, this will also increase workers moral and usually the business see an increase in productivity.

When looking at digital signage, consider the options and look at the bigger picture, this hardware does improve productivity through successful corporate communications.

Restaurant Digital Signage Solutions From Digital Posters to Tablets

Hardware used in restaurant digital signage.

restaurant digital signageIt’s all about giving the customer an memorable and positive experience, which can be ‘served up’ using dynamic and empowering digital posters, ipads, tablets and mobile phones. Amongst many benefits, for both the consumer and the restaurant, is the increased order value for an average meal; which is greatest at the POS (point of sale), where tills display add-on items and upgrades – also known as up-selling and cross-selling. Digital signage POS can be controlled remotely and in real time, offering messages and promotions. Because of the ease of the hardware and software, any number of digital screens or devices can be automatically connected, which is particularly useful in a chain of stores. Being able to quickly and easily customize the quick serve restaurant, alters customers, and in turn increases revenue. Displaying a digital menu board adds ambiance and creates an appealing atmosphere including all the 5 senses.

It’s not as costly as you may think; because it reduces personnel costs, it cuts down on wages and is more dependable than some workers! Customers can order via self serve kiosks, using touch screen technology on digital menu boards. The increase in sales is due to the psychological state of mind – people may feel greedy asking to ‘Go large’ or adding an additional item, but because ordering via a screen is non-personal, there is less mental pressure.

QSR Restaurant digital signage solutions.

QSR restaurant digital signage hardware solutions

A QSR – quick serve restaurant is expected to be just that… a speedy, automated and accelerated ordering and delivery process, which appeals to customers, particularly if they are on a time schedule like a lunch break. These digital menu boards also alert purchasers to stock levels or promotions, where products may be selling out fast! But it’s not just quick serve restaurants use touch screens, upmarket dining eateries are embracing the tablet form of ordering for their customers. Traditional forms of presenting a menu in a folder are changing to offer the customer an electronic tablet device, with enticing images and content offering a daily fresh menu. This is so much easier for the restaurant to keep track of stock levels (there is nothing worse than ordering a steak, to find out 10 minutes later the chef has run out!); it offers the convenience and quick alternative customers should expect.

And of course… there’s an app for that! Having the ability to connect directly with the restaurant means special offers and deliciously tempting images are broadcast directly to your electronic device; cell phone or ipad.

So when ever you are having a mean in a restaurant, check out the restaurant digital signage hardware.